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Our schools, sharing one campus, provide an innovative and necessary educational option that engages health and wellness as a key contributing factor in optimizing academic achievement and self-development.

“At GALS, students develop physical, cognitive, social, and emotional habits that set them up for lifelong health and well-being, as well as academic success in the near term. My GALS students are my role models. I have watched with delight as each of them has been uniquely transformed by their experience at this remarkable school. I am overcome with gratitude for GALS.” – GALS parent


Founded in 2010, the GALS Middle School serves 6-8th grade students. We have 350 students from all corners of Denver.
Founded in 2014, The GALS Denver High School serves approximately 175 9th-12th grade students. Our students are honing their leadership skills (both inside and outside of the classroom) to go out and make a positive difference in the world.