GALS High School

The GALS High School model focuses on achieving 3 components: a strong academic offering with real-world applications of learning, a focus on positive gender education, and on movement – a synergy of the brain and body. This model supports the development of every young woman to be a powerful advocate for herself and leader of her community. To learn more about individual subjects and courses, explore below.

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Our weekly schedule in the high school reflects the model – students start each day in a movement offering, meet in grade level teams, as a whole school, or in smaller advising groups to participate in positive gender focused learning, and then take course work aligned to a successful post-secondary education. In keeping with our movement focus, students also move throughout the day – in service of learning or to stimulate engagement and intellectual capacity. Our classrooms are setup to encourage students to move as they learn – sitting on yoga balls, in rocking chairs, or on a stationary bike. We create spaces that are active rather than sedentary and encourage students to build awareness for their own needs – if a student feels sleepy in class, getting water and changing positions (standing rather than sitting) can refresh a student’s ability to learn.

Since our founding of the GALS Middle School in 2010, diversity, inclusion, and access have been critical core values. We believe the best education occurs in a school made up of students, teachers, and families drawn from many different socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, races, religions, and sexual orientations. GALS Denver seeks to create a school where students and adults are welcomed and supported, and where their faces, voices, and experiences are reflected and valued. We believe that the work of inclusion is a responsibility held by all and done for all, person to person.

To learn more about individual subjects and courses, explore below.