CrossFit GALS

The GALS High School believes that if you have a body, you are an athlete.
We offer several movement courses to students to build confidence, curiosity, perseverance, strength, and stamina. We also offer these courses to build a sense of belonging in any athletic situation. Because of this, CrossFit is one of our premier movement options. We know our athletes that take CrossFit definitely interrupt the idea that they are not powerful athletes because of their gender. Instead, our athletes exit the gym “owning” it in a way that is fierce and necessary.
Since we know that girls’ confidence plummets during puberty, the intent of GALS CrossFit classes is to halt this decline and ensure that students see themselves as powerful athletes.  Our CrossFit classes instead build girls’ confidence, strength, and stamina, and ensure that later in their lives, students will not be afraid to attend community classes in their own neighborhoods.
Head Coach:  Emily Smith, CF-L1

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