Social Studies Classes Overview

The Social Studies department builds history, geography, civics, and economics skills by creating units of study that follow the Colorado Academic Standards. Like Language Arts and Science teachers, they backwards plan with end results, or final assessments, in mind. At the beginning of each quarter, teachers identify 3-5 Academic Outcomes that are rooted in the 4 Social Studies areas (history, geography, civics, economy) of the Colorado Academic Standards, that will drive instruction and from which teachers will assess student learning. Each grade level has a historical time period or lens, from which students “view” these history, geography, civics, and economics standards.

In 6th Grade, students examine the Western Hemisphere. Recent projects include an exploration of the concept of culture where students brought in items reflective of their own cultural backgrounds. Students participate in discussions in multiple discussion panels where they are pressed to talk about their learning and a variety of topics discussed in class.

In 7th Grade, students learn about the Eastern Hemisphere. Students were exposed to many facts of the ancient world including the Fall of the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. Recent projects include an essay about why the Roman Empire fell and a physical simulation project where students created a medieval social pyramid.

In 8th Grade, students learn about US History. Students enjoy learning about the branches of the United States government. They dig deep into units about America’s fight for Independence, the Civil War, and most recently students were able to examine early 20th century Ellis Island immigration with their own families’ immigration stories.