Winter Sports



  • There will be an A & B team.


Hannah Stolba and Kate Monforti


  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 3:45-5:15pm
  • No Wednesday practices.


  • The A & B Teams will play in the DSST League where the team will play against 7 other schools and compete in a Post-Season Tournament.

Game Schedule:


–          13th (Monday): @ DSST Conservatory Green

o   4:30pm – GALS (B)

o   6:30pm – GALS (A) vs DSST Green Valley Ranch

–         15th (Wednesday): @ KIPP

o   4:30pm – GALS (B)

o   6:30pm – GALS (A) vs KIPP

–         27th (Monday): @ DSST Cole

o   4:30pm – GALS (B)

o   6:30pm – GALS (A) vs DSST Cole

–         29th (Wednesday): HOME – @ GALS

o   4:30pm – GALS (B)

o   6:30pm – GALS (A) vs Addenbrooke Classical Academy


–         4th (Monday): @ DSST Conservatory Green

o   4:30pm – GALS (B)

o   5:30pm – GALS (A) vs DSST College View

–         6th (Wednesday): @ DSST Byers

o   4:30pm – GALS (B) vs DSST Byers (B)

o   5:30pm – GALS (A) vs DSST Byers (A)

–         11th (Monday): HOME – @ GALS

o   4:30pm – GALS (B) vs DSST Henry (B)

o   5:30pm – GALS (A) vs DSST Conservatory Green

–         16th (Saturday): @ Manual High School

o   ONLY TOP 6 A – TEAMS Advance to Tournament

o   Tournament Starts at 9:00am

Spirit (Cheer & Dance)


Spirit is a combination cheer and dance squad. Join the Spirit team to help boost GALS spirit at games and pep rallies. Go Thunder! (Year-round)

More information on the Spirit Squad to come if there is enough student interest to create a team.

Thunder Roars (A Capella)


The Thunder Roars team is a mix of both middle and high school students.


  • Please sign up for Auditions on the Athletic Board outside of the front office during the 1st week of school.


  • There will be 2 days of Auditions. Please only attend the day you have signed up for.
    • Monday – August 28th from 3:45-6:00pm
    • Tuesday – August 29th from 3:45-6:00pm


  • There are up to 20 spots available on Thunder Roars this academic year.