The Girls Athletic Leadership High School believes there is a better way to educate high school students. We are a school that serves as a catalyst for students to know themselves, to understand the world as it is, and to anchor in a practice of change in order to create equity. 

Our mission is to empower girls to succeed academically, lead confidently, live boldly, and thrive physically. All of our programming is organized around this pursuit. We believe that daily movement increases academic performance, we staff a social, emotional, relational wellness team to support students, and we leverage a course that manifests our mission called the GALS Series. We honor the uniqueness of each individual student and embrace diverse backgrounds, values, points of view to build a strong and inclusive community. We recognize that viewing students as individuals and maintaining a diverse student population allows us to work for equity in our own school and with a view towards achieving global equity. This is a different way, and we believe a better way, to support our students in becoming their best selves.


Noelia Gomez-Meraz | Class of 2019 | Excerpt from Graduation Speech

Class of 2019, Game Changers, as you go on into the world never forget where you came from. Where you found out who you were and where you learned to be yourself and only yourself.

You’re a Game Changer. You always will and always have been.I know for a fact that wherever you go after high school you will Change the Game. You’ll challenge ideas and opinions. You’ll ask questions and explanations without fear. You’ll take over and lead the way.

All because you’ll go on into the next chapter of your life knowing who you are.

You’ll know who you are. 

You’ll know that you matter.

You’ll know what matters to you. 

You’ll pay attention to what you feel and what you need. 

You’ll make choices and decisions that are good for you. 

You’ll take good care of your body. 

You’ll stand up for what you believe in.

You’ll let people know what you think, even when you’re angry or confused or in disagreement with everyone else. 

You’ll be a valuable friend.

And you’ll make a positive difference in the world in your own unique way. 

*Noelia currently attends Colorado School of Mines