High School GALS Series Classes 

The High School GALS Series courses build directly on the learning of our Middle School courses. They allow students to grow from their understanding of self and recognize how they can impact change in the world.  Throughout their high school experience, students build self-confidence through the lens of agency and self-efficacy. We work with students to develop a sense that they have the skills and permission to change the world – through advocating for their passions, their values, and their basic needs in a relationship. This is a paradigm shift for many students.

As students’ social-emotional education continues, students have opportunities to explore  their personal interests and passions and align this to potential career and post-secondary educational options. They participate in intensives, internships, and have opportunities to connect with professionals and networks in the real world. Each GALS Series course develops skills that students can practice in all aspects of their lives – students will learn how to navigate conflict, find their own clarity about something and express themselves in a meaningful way, and make a determination that they matter and therefore, what matters to them is paramount. The GALS Series is the practical coursework that embodies the philosophical framework of the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools.