Founded in 2010, GALS MS empowers its diverse student population to become lifelong learners and engaged citizens through self-expression and mind-body development. GALS focuses on the seamless integration of academics and physical mastery allowing students to optimize their learning potential and boost their overall health and self-esteem. 

 Hear what GALS Middle School parents have to say:

“I am so thankful that we chose GALS for our daughter for middle school. Within the first few weeks of school, I saw my daughter’s confidence flourish and bloom, and she is excited to go to school each and every day. Middle school can be hard no matter where you go, but at GALS they have such a tremendous support system that every girl feels valued and heard. The daily GALS series is something I wish I had growing up! It tackles everything from self-worth or self-care, and millions of other invaluable topics. GALS was the perfect choice for us and I would highly recommend it to anyone with a daughter heading into middle school.” 

“I am so glad that my daughter has a supportive school environment during these formative years. She absolutely loves going to school every day!” 

“I’m grateful for my daughter having the experience to engage in meaningful and challenging conversations about community, diversity, and inclusion in ways that will inform her as a leader today and tomorrow.”

“One of the reasons we picked GALS is because they focus not just on academics but on building strong girls. This is huge for middle school! The students, and the school, have built in outlets to allow students to work through all the ups and downs of middle school.”