Inclusion (Special education)

Student receiving special education support do so in an inclusive environment. It is our belief that students of all ability levels learn better when they are together. As such, we support students through a co-teaching model of support in the general education classroom as much as possible so that they are with their peers while receiving specialized support.

Inclusion Business Lab

In the Inclusion Team Business Lab, students will be honing their math, literacy, and communication skills through learning how to run a business. Students will create a business plan, employee handbook, and keep the business’ ledger up to date They get real-life experience to use the skills they are currently learning in their math classes (percents, decimals, ratios) as well learn new skills in a totally “hands-on” way. Literacy skills such as writing are practiced through writing monthly emails to the office staff explaining what sold (GALS gear, etc) and what did not, and offering suggestions to help increase sales.