About Us

Join the Movement.

GALS and BOYS are tuition-free DPS charter schools and are the only public, single-gender, college-preparatory schools in Colorado.

Our Mission

GALS and BOYS foster academic excellence and personal development for young women and men to become powerful advocates for themselves and leaders in their communities.

Our Vision

The Girls Athletic Leadership Schools of Denver (GALS), including The Boys School of Denver (BOYS), envision a world where all young women and men, regardless of their background, are given access to a personalized and holistic education that provides them the opportunity to access the skills, knowledge, and self-determination to succeed in college and to develop as leaders in their communities and the world.


Why Movement?

At GALS and BOYS, we know the impact of physical activity on academics. Beyond the joy, energy, and confidence our students gain from movement, research demonstrates that daily exercise improves memory, attention, and cognition. Sports participation also boosts self-esteem and civic engagement. Movement prepares our students to live long, fulfilled lives.


GALS and BOYS are committed to preparing a distinct and diverse generation of learned and motivated women and men for innovative leadership in our developing global society. GALS serves an enormous diversity of students – The GALS and BOYS student bodies are comprised of students from all facets of the community. Those from privilege and most at-risk; those of all learning levels and styles; and those with varying relationships to the world of health and wellness, movement and athletics. What bonds us is sisterhood and brotherhood. GALS and BOYS ensure that our students fully participate in the leadership force of the future.