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Become a changemaker at GALS

Meet GALS Denver - the first and only tuition-free, public, all-girls college preparatory school in Denver and Colorado designed to empower students to succeed academically, lead confidently, live boldly and thrive physically. 

We hire ESSA highly-qualified teachers skilled at integrating movement and hands-on learning into a standards-based academic environment focused on the overall health, wellness, and success of girls. 

Open Positions

GALS teachers are responsible for:

  • Presenting comprehensive and detailed unit plans and daily lessons
  • Delivering engaging, inquiry-based instruction infused with movement and fieldwork
  • Assessing students’ learning via a variety of tools and presentations of learning
  • Serving as academic, character, and wellness advisers

Our teaching team and staff are a passionate group of highly motivated, creative and diverse individuals who are committed to each other and upholding our school’s mission.

  • Mission alignment - Belief in the GALS mission of providing a college preparatory education in a supportive environment that fosters the academic mastery and personal development necessary for every student to become a powerful advocate for herself and leader of her community. Experience utilizing culturally congruent strategies in gender-specific and movement-based environments is a plus.
  • Pedagogical alignment - Belief that long-term, in-depth studies that focus on specific case studies or essential questions help students construct deep understandings and skills and prepare them to create authentic products that meet a need for real audiences. Ability to differentiate, utilize data to drive instruction, and employ strong instructional skills. Experience developing hands-on or movement-based lessons and/or teaching in a standards-based school is a plus.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - Ability to thrive in the ambiguity and intensity of a school that is continuing to grow and develop.
  • Team Orientation - Ability to work collaboratively in a professional learning community by jointly planning and delivering instruction; participating fully in professional development; and engaging in an on-going exchange of ideas.
  • Drive for Excellence - Hard-working, self-starter who takes initiative and is committed to learning and self-improvement.


  • ESSA compliant
  • Previous teaching experience required
  • Strong classroom management and organizational skills
  • Urban school experience and experience with diverse communities preferred

Program Overview

  • Movement-Based - We’re always on the move. GALS incorporates movement into everything we do from our day-to-day instruction to classroom activity to after school activities and beyond - all to better engage our students mentally and physically.
  • Wellness - It’s at the center of what we do. At GALS, we offer a full curriculum focused on the psycho-social dynamics of growing up female in today’s world. The entire staff fully participates in and supports this powerful and meaningful curriculum.
  • Tight-Knit Community - We’re in this together. Through our Wellness Squads, community meetings, shared core values, and opportunities for students and teachers to connect both in and outside the classroom, GALS supports and builds a positive and close learning community.
  • Professional Development - At GALS, the learning never stops. Staff members meet weekly as a school staff and as a content team to continue the work. Additionally, our grade level teams connect monthly to further our curriculum integration and student achievement.
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