Scholarship dollars, earned to-date by our PIONEER CLASS of 32 seniors

College and University Acceptances, to-date:

Colorado Schools:
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado State University
Community College of Denver
CU Boulder
CU CO Springs
CU Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Red Rocks Community College
Regis University
University of Denver
University of Northern Colorado

National Schools:
American University (DC)
Bard College (NY)
Cedar Crest College (PA)
Clark University (MA)
College of Wooster (OH)
Denison University (OH)
Drexel University (PA)
Eckerd College (FL)
Hampshire College (MA)
Hastings College (NE)
Ithaca College (NY)
Lewis & Clark College (OR)
Mills College (CA)
Morningside College (IA)
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
Northland College (WI)
Reed College (OR)
Simmons College (MA)
Smith College (MA)
St Joseph’s University (PA)
St Lawrence University (NY)
Syracuse University (NY)
University of California – Davis
University of California – San Diego
University of Puget Sound (WA)
University of South Dakota
Wellesley College (MA)
Whitman College (WA)

International Schools:
McGill University, Montreal
Trinity College of Dublin, Ireland
University of Bristol, England
University of Edinburgh, Scotland
University of St Andrews, Scotland

About GALS Futures:

GALS Futures is a key part of the GALS High School experience that is implemented during the GALS Series course. Futures provides the skills and framework for our students to prepare for and implement their career and educational goals after graduating from GALS.

Here is an overview of what students will do during GALS Futures:

Master Resumes

Students are given a Resume Template where they fill in in the following information:

  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Leadership Experience
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Skills

Doing this allows students to have a physical document that outlines what experiences they have and what experiences they need to be looking for/attaining.

Job/Volunteer Research

Students will seek out opportunities to gain the experiences they want/need to add to their master resumes!

College Comparison Research

There are many variables that go into a person’s college experience—size, location, cost, type—and the best way to figure out what you might want for yourself is to do the research. Students will be given a list of variables that they need to research against a few colleges that pique their interest.

Personal Statements

Many colleges use the Common Application, which prompts students to write an essay. These essays are used to assess a student’s application (along with transcripts, test scores, recommendation letters, etc.), but often times are left to the last minute to complete by many students. At GALS, students will begin writing their Personal Statements during their Junior year. This allows plenty of time for students to gain the practice and feedback so they can apply their time toward writing other essays for scholarships instead!

Scholarship Research & Applications

An important factor that almost everyone who goes to college today is having enough money to pay for their post-secondary education. At GALS, students will be coached through how to research for scholarships, as well as applying for scholarships.

College Campus Visits

We believe that having the opportunity to visit many different types of college campuses not only helps students determine what kind of experience they want to have for themselves, but also allows many first generation college students to begin to picture themselves going to college. This is a great opportunity for students to have a hands-on experience, get a basic sense/feel for a campus, as well as have the opportunity to ask current students questions face to face.

College Fairs

These are great opportunities for students to talk directly with admissions representatives from a variety of colleges and universities in Colorado and across the nation. Students are able to get direct information, ask questions, and hear about the opportunities available at a variety of institutions.

About Me

Hello GALS students and families! My name is Meghan Myron-Karels, but have been given the nickname “MK” by students and staff since working at GALS. I started this as the Director of GALS Futures in August 2017. My main responsibility is to lead the vision and implementation of all post-secondary programming for high school students. The 2016-2017 academic year has been a very busy one, as I have been working hard getting to know all of our students and families, while planning and preparing for our high school students for their next steps after graduating from GALS. Whether you plan on going to college, taking a gap year, or starting a career – my job has been to help you figure it out!

Outside of building the Futures program and getting to know everyone at GALS, I have spent a lot of time working with GALS Inc. Chief Visionary Officer, Liz Wolfson, to create, cultivate, and nurture positive relationships with colleges and universities in Denver and across the United States! I also put together college tours for our high school students, and have been helping students learn more about volunteer, job, and internship opportunities, as well as the college selection and application process. When I’m not working on Futures related projects and goals, I’m coaching movement and High School Volleyball. Feel free to contact me at:

Why FUTURES Matters

While many high schools have the role of college counselors available to meet on occasion with their students, at GALS, we take things a step or two further by carving out times to meet each week to engage with our students. Many students feel the pressure and anxiety about what they will do and be when they grow up. At GALS, students are more confident in the paths they choose for themselves after they graduate from high school because we provide them with the skills and framework necessary to be able to know they are doing what they need to to do be the best versions of themselves and lead a well lived life.

College Partnerships

With our Pioneer Class quickly approaching graduation (Class of 2018), we are determined to do everything in our power to ensure that colleges and universities know who we are, why we matter, and why our students are going to be great additions to their campus communities and classrooms. Below is a quick look at the colleges and universities we’ve cultivated relationships with thus far.