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GALS Athletics puts effort into more than winning, we focus on the process of developing skills, improving self-confidence, building relationships, working as a team, and expressing good sportsmanship. GALS provides resources and opportunities for all students to participate in a variety of sports and understand competition in a positive and supportive environment. Go Thunder!

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Update to our after-school policy:

Hello Thunder Families –
Moving forward, GALS and our athletic program ask for all practices to be closed, meaning only members of the GALS’ athletic teams are allowed to attend practice in the gym and on the field.  Friends and siblings of student-athletes must be in an after school activity to be on campus during practice times since we have no other supervision available.  This also allows our coaches to focus on their team and developing skills at practice without any distractions.  If any friends or siblings are found in the building without permission, they will immediately be asked to leave the building, a phone call home will be made and they will be escorted out.
Thank you for your understanding and support!
Thunder Strong!