Positive Gender Focus

Empowering Tomorrow's Trailblazers

In the design of the school, GALS Denver created an environment where girls have the opportunity to know themselves well, take up space, own their power, and use their voice. Our curriculum and culture put them front and center with the potential to learn and practice the skills that will serve them in being their most authentic selves in the world. 

All-girls schools are more relevant today than ever. An all-girls school experience is demanding, exciting, and life-changing.

  • 83% of girls' school graduates see themselves as better prepared for college than female counterparts from co-educational high schools
  • 91% of graduates say attending a girls' school helped them focus on academics and encouraged them to test their intellectual limits
  • 90% of girls' school graduates belong to a community organization such as a charitable, civic, or educational group or arts association
  • 80% of girls from girls' schools hold leadership positions after high school

~ Fordham Urban Law Journal & National Coalition of Girls' Schools

Inputs to this component of our model are many.  GALS creates space in classes and clubs where students can take authentic leadership roles and utilize skills.  GALS has several signature events that highlight our commitment to feminist action and equitable opportunities such as International Women’s Day, Thunder Wars, GALympics, GALS Futures Ceremony, Black History and Latin X Celebrations.  GALS has affinity groups for students that include the Black Queens Alliance, LatinX, and Rainbow society.  Various clubs are offered throughout and after school, and students are always encouraged to begin their own with the support of faculty. 

Each GALS student participates in GALS Series and GALS Action as a core curricular course.  The GALS Series/Action has proven to be a key factor to improving our students’ interactions with one another; maintaining a culture of kindness, support and respect; and providing students with coping skills and opportunities to form healthy relationships which will help lead them on a path to a healthy decision making.

The GALS Series/Action curriculum provides GALS students with the tools needed to become more aware of their individual and community identity, the skills to navigate through challenges and decisions successfully, and empowerment to drive them.

Why is this so important?

GALS Inc. addresses gender inequities by providing young women with space to grow, issues to be passionate about, and an understanding of how gender shapes the world today. The school's approach is built on three key pillars:

  1. Feminism for all
  2. Single-gender education as a tool for navigating gender stereotypes
  3. Providing role models across diverse backgrounds

The Gender Gap in Society

Gender inequity persists in various aspects of American society:

  • Women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes
  • Women of color face even greater pay disparities
  • Underrepresentation in politics and media

GALS aims to prepare girls for these challenges and equip them with the skills to navigate sexism in their future careers.

The Confidence Gap

Research suggests that girls struggle with confidence due to:

  • Physiological factors (e.g., hormone levels, brain structure)
  • Social norms that prioritize relationships and discourage assertiveness
  • Internalized perceptions of inferiority from a young age

How is else is this addressed?

  • Social-emotional learning
  • Emphasis on leadership skills
  • Promoting a growth mindset
  • Providing strong teacher-student relationships
  • Additional key elements of our model include:
  • Dedicated "GALS Series" and "GALS Action" class for social-emotional wellness
  • "Habits of Heart and Mind": Power, Flexibility, Focus, and Balance
  • Encouraging healthy risk-taking and learning from failure
  • Exposure to female role models and "Sheroes"

Single-Gender Education Benefits

Research suggests that all-girls schools provide:

  • Higher motivation for success outside of school
  • Greater respect for students' opinions
  • Stronger academic mindsets
  • A learning environment where girls can develop without societal pressure to perform for the opposite sex

Overall, a positive gender-focused approach aims to empower young women, boost their confidence, and prepare them for the challenges they may face in a world still marked by gender inequities. By providing a supportive, single-gender environment and emphasizing leadership skills, GALS Inc. strives to cultivate strong, confident, and successful women who are ready to make their mark on the world.

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