Overview & Mission


At GALS, students and teachers learn together, lead together, move together, and laugh together.

In the design of GALS, we use The GALS Pl edge to guide our culture and curriculum. Although humans are ever evolving, we work so that our students can state the following with conviction upon their departure from GALS. 

Our Mission

The mission of GALS is to empower students to succeed academically, lead confidently, live boldly and thrive physically. 

We provide a college preparatory education in a supportive environment that fosters the academic mastery and personal development necessary for every student to become a powerful advocate for themselves and a leader in their community. Our school model includes a movement (physical wellness) module in which all students and staff participate, incorporating movement into pedagogy, a team of therapeutic counselors to support all students and families navigate barriers to academic and life success, a core course focused on social, emotional, and leadership development, and an intentional, wellness-focused culture and curriculum for all students.

GALS Denver opened in 2010 as the first free, public, gender-based school in the state of Colorado, first as a middle school, and in 2014 added the high school. We currently serve about 350 students between both schools (Middle School grades 6-8, and High School grades 9-12). GALS continues to be the only public all girls school, inclusive of gender non-binary and transgender students, in the state of CO.  Our model provides an avenue for students to discover and harness their ambitions, and a community in which they can thrive. 

I am so glad that my daughter has a supportive school environment during these formative years. She absolutely loves going to school every day!

~ Current GALS Parent
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