Join GALS Denver Schools on February 25, 2020 at 11:30am in the Seawell Ballroom for an afternoon of celebration including lunch, awards honoring our community, and hearing directly from students and families.

2020 GALS Honoree:

Hon. Elbra M. Wedgeworth,

Chief Government Relations Officer, Denver Health

Former President, Denver City Council

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2020 Power Award Winner:

Liz Romer,

Director of BC4U, Children’s Hospital

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Special Congratulations to our Founders:

Liz Wolfson & Nina Safane



Raphael and Diana Chavez (BOYS School Parents), Tiffany Harrell (GALS MS), and Mike Sawaya (GALS HS)



Jennifer Evans, Heather Lurie, Chantell Taylor, Josh Hanfling, Heather McCoy, Jennifer Mello, Erin Sorce, Sarah Hower, Betsy Barrow, Cori Keeton Pope, Suzanne Shaw