GALS Students are Dreaming Big after International Women’s Day 2021

by | March 26, 2021

International Women’s Day is always a memorable occasion at the Girls Athletic Leadership School. And 2021, even in the midst of a pandemic, didn’t disappoint. 

While the March 8th celebration was virtual for the first time ever, GALS “opened the doors” to meet a myriad of influential and inspiring women within the Denver community and beyond. Midway through the day, parents, community members, and alumnae joined students for a presentation from startup guru and Emmy Award winner Liz Giorgi

Ms. Giorgi shared her journey from TV editor to entrepreneur (learn about soona, Liz’s company, here) and her goal to be the twentieth female leader to take a company public on the US Stock Exchange—yes, there have only been nineteen! Additionally, she emphasized that “failure is part of living a big life” and is necessary in the path to success. She also said it’s important to “take credit for the things you’re good at” and own who you are and want to be. 

An hour wasn’t nearly enough time to answer all our students’ questions for Ms. Giorgi, so we followed up to learn more. 

What advice would you now give to your younger self? 

My grandfather used to tell me: “No one will chase your dreams for you, so you better lace up your shoes.” That’s one of my favorite sayings from my childhood. It formed how I see the world and how I see my life. 

Share a moment you’ll never forget and how it’s positively impacted your life. 

The day I met Hayley Anderson, with whom I co-founded soona, was life changing. In our culture, we talk a lot about romantic relationships, but meeting someone with whom you click professionally can be just as life-altering as meeting a romantic partner. Meeting Hayley shaped my career and my ambition. You can watch a video about that day at

What’s your favorite word?

Bold. Be bold. Live bold. Dream bold. Everything’s better with a bit of boldness. 

Who are your personal sheroes? 

Barbara Walters was my first hero. I was amazed that she was on television, asking presidents and prime ministers hard questions. Then, I discovered Oprah at 4:00 PM every day after school. I fell in love with the form of telling stories and interviewing folks. My admiration for these two women is the reason I pursued a career in television and production. 

What inspires you about GALS?

Growing up in a rural area, without access to many bold women, I often felt out of place. With its urban setting, diverse population, and message of female empowerment, GALS provides its students with endless opportunities to explore who they are and who they want to become. I want to remind the generation growing up today that the lives of women have changed and evolved, but there’s more work to do. They can help make progress simply by embracing their goals and their dreams. 

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