A GALS Blog? Why Now? And What’s in It for Readers?

by | January 27, 2021

Welcome to the inaugural blog post for the Girls Athletic Leadership Schools of Denver. Adding a blog to our website has long been a goal at GALS, and we’re thrilled to get started!

We’ve committed to this blog for the following reasons:


It goes without saying that this is a challenging time for everyone. For our school community, which is so relational, it has been stark. When we can’t be together in person, we long for connection—with students and families, among staff and teachers, and with the wider community that’s always played such an enormous role in GALS’ success.


At GALS, we believe knowledge is power. We embolden students with the tools and information they need to succeed, and we want to do the same for our entire community. This includes current families, prospective families, and those who are simply curious about how we achieve our mission: To empower all students to succeed academically, lead confidently, live boldly, and thrive physically.


None of us has all the answers—but each of us has something important to say. With that in mind, this blog will showcase voices beyond those of our staff and teachers. You’ll hear from students, parents, and community leaders. You’ll learn not just about GALS, but about the rewards (and challenges!) of twenty-first century education, the importance of mental and physical well-being throughout the teen years, and how today’s students will turn into tomorrow’s leaders.

Initially, there will be a new blog post each week. Over time, the frequency of posts will lessen, but it will pick up again during particular times (such as the beginning of the school year). This is by design—but rest assured, we have a full calendar of insightful posts planned for this school year and beyond. Please check back regularly for new posts!

Finally, just a reminder that Denver Public Schools’ SchoolChoice window is now open. To help you navigate the process, here are a few links:

If you have questions or comments, please reach out ( I’d love to connect with you!

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